Discussions and Workshops

As critical pedagogues, Analucía and Kimberly specialize in facilitating discussions and workshops about Jewish diversity and inclusion, history and peoplehood, identity development, privilege, and wellness. Believers in the impact of visibility, Analucía and Kimberly welcome any opportunity to share their expertise and engage communities in critical thinking about Jewish and Latinx multiculturalism. 

Past discussions and lectures include: Arevut: Responsibility and Partnership in a Global Context, Ladino Through the Ages: A Linguistic History of the Pan-Mediterranean Jewish Language, and Jewish Cuba: Then and Now, and La Mesa: Celebrating Jewish-Latinx Identity at the Table.


Passionate about immersive gatherings, Analucía and Kimberly also have experience curating learning retreats for young adults and organizational teams. They are available to serve as educators and are open to collaborating with interested organizations in curating specific content.

Past retreats include: 

Breaking Down Privilege, Conexiones: Edición Israel

Upcoming Events

No upcoming events.