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Flavors of Coexistence

Flavors of Coexistence (FoC) is a bridge-building initiative that uses principles of gastrodiplomacy and food storytelling to raise awareness and appreciation of Jewish communities in the diaspora, as well as get people of different backgrounds together at the table and talking. FoC is Jewtina's premier program, traveling across the world bringing gastrodiplomatic experiences to diverse communities. 

Past Flavors of Coexistence programs include: A Journey Through the Levant, Beyond Apples & Honey, Jewtinos y La Mesa, Kamayan Shabbat, Lezzetli Türkiye, One-Two-Tapas!, Shabbat Salaam and Ta'im Israel. 

Discussions and Lectures

A critical pedagogue, Analucía has facilitated hundreds of discussions and lectures about diversity and inclusion, global migration, and identity development and wellness in a Jewish context. An innovator in the field, Analucía welcomes any opportunity to share her expertise and engage communities in critical thinking. 

Past discussions and lectures include: Arevut: Responsibility and Partnership in a Global Jewish Context, Ladino Through the Ages: A Linguistic History of the Pan-Mediterranean Jewish Language, and Welcoming Jewish Multiculturalism and Global Diversity at the Table, to name a few.

Hands-on Workshops

An avid food storyteller, Analucía has produced over 50 hands-on gastro-centric workshops. More than just cooking classes, Analucía's workshops  incorporate anthropological, historical and sociological learning. 

Past workshops include: Aubergenius, Hot Pockets: A Passport to Stuffed Foods, Hummus Where the Heart Is, and Spice It Up, to name a few.  


Passionate about gatherings, Analucía also has experience curating immersive weekend or week-long learning retreats. She is available to serve as a Jewish educator and is open to collaborating with interested organizations in curating specific content.

Past retreats: Detox and Wellness, Samsara: Jewish LifeCycles (Part 1 and 2), and Social Justice in Judaism.

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