JEWTINA (jo͞o-tēnə), is a portmanteau word that denotes the intersection of our team's complex Jewish and Latina identities. While we originally created this organization as a means to elevate our female stories, we quickly realized that we wanted this platform to be useful to as many people as possible. With that in mind, Y CO  represents our organization's commitment to being a resource to the larger Jewtino community.


Our mission is to celebrate, explore, and raise awareness of the Jewish-Latino (Jewtino) community and experience. Through the design of our immersive events, retreats and workshops, participants of all backgrounds are able to deepen their understanding and engage in critical discussions about Latino diversity in the Jewish Diaspora.


Our vision is a more inclusive and informed Jewish community that  actively works to commemorate our Diaspora's diverse cultures and histories. We envision a world in which the Jewish story extends beyond dominant discourses about our history and peoplehood.


Our organizational values are expressed through the five COs. 

CO-MUNIDAD: Holding space for everyone in our diverse Jewtino community. 

CO-NECCIÓN: Connecting Jewtinos of all backgrounds to one another to strengthen our network.

CO-EXISTENCIA: Creating spaces to examine the intersectionality of our identities in different spaces and at different times.

CO-OPERACIÓN: Cooperating with other Jewish organizations to help inform their understanding of the complex Jewtino experience. 

CO-NSERVACIÓN: We are committed to the conservation of the Jewtino story. Together we work to ensure that our dynamic heritage is not lost.