Analucía Lopezrevoredo

Curator of immersive experiences that explore Jewish culture, diversity, and identity development worldwide.

Culture Producer

Analucía is an innovative producer that curates events, retreats, and tours that bring people of various backgrounds together to celebrate diversity, deepen cross-cultural understanding, and explore identity.

Her current project, Flavors of Coexistence, is a gastrodiplomatic, bridge-building initiative that aims to raise awareness and appreciation of Jewish communities in the diaspora.


A trained ethnographer and ethnologist, Analucía's background lies in diaspora and immigration studies. As a qualitative researcher, her work is centered around investigating best practices for preserving culture in immigrant and indigenous groups. 

Analucía's commitment to learning about the human experience--and sharing her findings with others, has lead her to 106 countries and counting. 


Analucía specialize in developing and facilitating courses and workshops about cross-cultural communication and diplomacy, diversity and inclusion, and identity development and wellness.

To date, her work as an educator has taken her across the USA and to Cambodia, Cuba, Ecuador, Greece, India, Israel, México, Mongolia, Panamá, Perú and Thailand. 

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