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Analucía Lopezrevoredo is a Sephardic Jewtina born in Lima, Peru, and now living in San Francisco, California. Growing up Jewish and Latina gave way to an incredibly special and unique experience. In order to denote these intersections, Analucia coined the term Jewtina, a portmanteau word that describes how she feels and interacts with the world. 


One of Analucia's greatest passions is cultivating spaces that explore and celebrate global Jewish communities, experiences and identities so as to achieve the full inclusion of all Jews. Able to trace her Jewish background to Granada, Spain (matrilineal) and Sarajevo, Bosnia (patrilineal), she is committed to inspiring others to also start exploring the depth of their roots. Analucia actively travels the world looking to connect to smaller Jewish communities, and to date she has had the privilege of celebrating Shabbat in 95 countries. Through her travels and photography she is committed to raising awareness of the richness that is the Jewish diaspora.


Analucia is a global community social worker with 10+ years of experience in systems advocacy, international development, and community engagement. Committed to bringing people of different backgrounds together, Analucia specializes in facilitating immersive experiences that explore identity, and promote peace and cross-cultural understanding. She most recently founded Flavors of Coexistence, a program dedicated to using food as a tool for identity development and coexistence/bridge-building between Muslims and Jews. 

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